Vehicles and machinery weighing

With Weighcheck your business can independently audit loads and verify loads:

Double check charges relating to loads and weight: 

Certified weighing:

    • Fully document mobile crane or machinery by our independent technicians and engineers.
    • Weigh verification of asset using internationally recognised standards and procedures.
    • Provide Certified weighing report that can be used by operators, management and authorities to verify axle weights and ensure your vehicle does not exceed standard legal limits or overweight permit conditions.

Calibration and Regulations:

Our system complies with international regulations such as,

    • OIML R-76|EN 45501
    • CE–M 3000 Approved

To comply with international regulations such as OIML the entire item must be weighed at the same time.

    • Currently we are able to weigh a number of configurations up to 130,000kg, all at the same time!
    • Able to weigh six axles at the same time.
    • Capable of weighing rows of 4 and rows of 8 transporters and converter dollies.
    • Individual weigh pads capable of a load capacity up to 15,000kg each!
    • Electronic print out provided and individual weighing report

The weighcheck team can provide advice and assistance with roading new vehicles or machinery:

Setting up New vehicles:

    • When importing new heavy machinery, heavy vehicles and mobile cranes its important from the time of first registration to ensure your new asset meets New Zealand weight limits set by the Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule (VDAM). Our system has been designed to comply with New Zealand regulations and able to confirm individual wheel weights, axle weights, axle group weights and gross vehicle mass.
    • Modifying a wheel base or adding additional axles? NZ regulations require all axles in an axle group to load share correctly, before the new rebuild or modified vehicle leaves the workshop make sure the vehicle weighs correctly.

Compliance and law enforcement:

    • All heavy vehicles at some stage of their life will be weighed by the New Zealand Police, before this happens make sure your vehicle weights are fully compliant with legal limits.
    • Annual weighing of your fleet will make sure you remain compliant and ensure your company does not receive an excessive infringement notice.
    • Regular weighing inspections will also help staff monitor suspension wear which can lead to component failure or incorrect load share.
    • Offers an accurate verification of weight assessment, independent of transport and roading authorities.