Swept Path Analysis

Swept Path Analysis for over-dimension vehicles 


Authorised by the New Zealand Transport Agency, Transport Specifications Limited is able to provide accurate, efficient and certifiable swept path analysis for your heavy vehicle.

We can advise on applicable over-dimensional categories, calculate performance for travel time exemptions and manage route plans to suit your vehicle.


A full analysis for your vehicle

Using our AutoCAD based software and physical vehicle measurements Transport Specifications Limited can provide a full swept path performance analysis for your vehicle. 

We can plot your route from start to finish and advise of any areas of concern and where to avoid on your journey.

Have an oversized load? We can help.

Fast and efficient

Authorised swept path calculations using our AutoCAD based software for fast and efficient analysis.

Full performance characteristics can be calculated to confirm if your vehicle will meet standard requirements and whether travel time exemptions can be utilized for over-dimension vehicles.

On-site testing

Physical, on-site testing of vehicle swept path performance.

Drone aerial photography

Scene examination via. drone aerial photography with true to scale swept path overlay for accurate and up-to-date analysis.

Please see our Drone Page for further details and services we can offer.

Full route planning

Full route planning and traffic management plans can be generated for over-dimensional vehicles using satellite photography.