Vehicle Quality Assurance & Acceptance Testing

Factory Acceptance Testing

Transport Specifications Limited can act as your professional and independent experts for any factory acceptance testing to ensure your new vehicle is exactly what you have paid for.

Our vast experience in the transport industry means we can help identify any issues or discrepancies in advance making your purchase as painless as possible. 

Factory acceptance testing
Wellington International Airport Rosenbauer Panther crash tenders.

Performance testing
to ensure vehicles meet all requirements.

Testing in action

Rosenbauer Panther 6×6 Factory Testing

Transport Specifications Limited oversaw the factory testing at the Rosenbauer testing facility in Austria on behalf of Wellington Airport. Vehicle performance and system functionality are put to the test to ensure the vehicles are up to standard.

Quality Assurance

Transport Specifications Limited can offer extensive industry and regulatory knowledge to review specifications and attributes on your new vehicles.

We are able to complete comprehensive roadability reports on your new vehicle to ensure it meets all requirements for use on-road in New Zealand.

Don’t have any nasty last-minute surprises, we can help to make sure your new purchase is on the road as quickly and painlessly as possible.