Compliance Fleet Management System

A hands-off approach to the compliance of your heavy vehicle fleet
that is always at your fingertips.

Do you have a fleet of heavy vehicles and are struggling to keep track of all information and permits used to ensure they are compliant when being used on New Zealand roads?

Transport Specifications Limited can take that stress away with a new Compliance Fleet Management System. Here, your fleet information is uploaded, updated, monitored and managed by Transport Specifications Limited while you and your drivers can view all vehicle specifications and permits in real time using any electronic device.


View your entire vehicle fleet in one, easy to use platform.

100% Digital

Paper permits are a thing of the past with every driver having 24/7 access to permits and specifications through any electronic device.

Actively Monitored

Transport Specifications Limited actively monitor your vehicle fleet, so you do not have to!

Permit Applications and Renewals

Transport Specifications Limited will notify you when a permit is due to be renewed and can apply for these on your companies’ behalf.

The Compliance Fleet Management System is a one stop shop for both operators and fleet managers to easily access information relating to your fleet, such as:

  • Swept Path Travel Time Certifications

  • Load Positioning Drawing

  • Certified Weighing Reports

  • Axle Weight Reports

  • Over Dimensional Requirements and Conditions