Accident Scene Investigation

Independent Accident Scene Documentation and Investigation 

With our extensive industry knowledge, experienced engineers and rapid response capability Transport Specifications Limited is ideally suited for all of your scene documentation and investigation requirements.

Transport Specifications Limited carries out work site accident investigations for both Worksafe and private companies.

We can offer full mechanical analysis and investigation to determine root cause and with our rapid response capability can be onsite quickly to prevent loss or contamination of evidence.

Full Site Assessment and Reconstruction

Transport Specifications Limited can cater to a wide range of scenarios with our broad and in-depth industry experience and regulatory knowledge.

We are able to fully assess and reconstruct an accident scene and provide detailed analysis for the purpose of education and/or legal representation.

Images above: Transport Specifications Limited provided a full scene analysis for root cause of a crane roll-over on Auckland’s North Shore.

Accident Scene Drone Surveying

Transport Specifications Limited is able to quickly, accurately and cost effectively survey and document accident sites from the air using our high tech drone.

Please view our Drone Page for further information on the capabilities of our drone and how we can assist with your needs.

Our drone can quickly and cost effectively survey sites with minimal disruption regardless of terrain.

Accident scenes can be mapped out and rendered in three dimensional space, providing accurate information for reporting and documentation.